I think I could play a corpse. You know, I mean, there's not much to do. Just don't blink. Which is not really acting, as much as not acting. Just lay there and don't do anything. It's not acting, you're a prop."


DM Guay's Horror Comedy Crypt

We're talking about CHEAP PLASTIC SKELETONS FROM HELL by Dusty Trice, otherwise known as Doctor Frownyface. Ghouls. This is a super silly, super funny (adult) horror comedy book for Halloween. It's fun. It's silly. It's got lots and lots of fight scenes!

On The Road With Dr. Brian King

Dusty Trice talks about his book RISE OF DOCTOR FROWNYFACE, doing stand-up on a prison bus, being rejected by Troma, and shooting his first nude scene.

On The Road With Dr. Brian King

Dusty Trice also co-hosted an episode of ON THE ROAD WITH DR. BRIAN KING. The guys talk with Nevada madam, sex worker, and certified sex therapist Olivia LaRue about the pleasures of the girlfriend experience, jazz back rubs, and grilled peaches!

Dusty Trice Reel 2021

Dusty Trice is an actor, writer and comedian in Los Angeles.


A Short Film ByC. Craig Patterson

When four small town neighbors discover the town drunk dead in a field, they learn something about him…and something about themselves.

Official selection of the Portland Comedy Film Festival 2020 and the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival 2020.


A Short Film ByAngelina Feronti

When a bored 18-year-old convinces a sophisticated man to buy her a bottle of wine, he fuels her dreams of leaving her ordinary life.

Official selection of the Culver City Film Festival 2018.


"The Stand Up Bus was Hollywood's most exclusive comedy club on wheels. We began performing free spontaneous comedy shows in a big blue prison bus around Hollywood back in 2014. There wasn't a bus schedule and we never sold tickets. We'd simply appeared like magic wherever jokes needed to be told, do a free show, and then disappear just as mysteriously. The Stand Up Bus held twelve people comfortably (eighteen uncomfortably) and was equipped with a state of the art sound system and light show. Sadly, the Stand Up Bus hit the brakes back in 2018. This true LA original was fun while it lasted."


A Short Film ByDusty Trice

“Macaroni Necklaces” is a mockumentary comedy written and directed by Dusty Trice. The short film focuses on a bickering couple who make arts and crafts while their marriage falls apart at the seams. Glitter done!

Official selection of the Lyons Film Festival 2016.


Dusty Trice and Mike Frankovich forgot they're in charge of the big Easter Egg Hunt today! Now they're scrambling around Los Angeles just trying to get these eggs out in time! And all this talk of Easter candy is giving them the munchies...


Dusty Trice talks about being a professional actor in Hollywood. Written, Directed and professionally acted by Dusty Trice.


Dusty Trice's first time performing stand-up comedy. Dusty had signed up for a stand-up comedy class taught by Johnny Millwater and Joel Pace and this video is from the resulting comedy showcase on July 30, 2012 at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, NC.